Rooted facilitators

Together with founder and facilitator Noor, Rooted programming is led by an interdisciplinary group of professionals that all walk their own path of rooting. 

Babah Tarawally is an activist, author, and journalist. He dedicates his life to understanding the alienation felt by minority groups and gaining rights for racial minorities in particular. He also trains young migrants about building a new home and a new beginning. “Dancing between different cultures has made me an artist”. Get in touch at

Sacha Post is a wilderness guide, facilitator, and philosopher who facilitates wilderness journeys, retreats, and courses that enable an authentic and embodied connection with nature and the wilderness. He aims to inspire people to live deeply rooted, aligned with the cyclical flow of nature. Get in touch at

Wick Lichtveld is co-owner of Veldsterkte, a center for personal development. His activities as trainer and development-coach are based on positive psychology, the principles of Zen and Non-Duality as well as Buddhist psychology. Wick is also a photographer, making portraits of people around the globe. Get in touch at

Samar Nafie is a consultant in the public sector with a specialization in Governance of Migration and Diversity. She supports various (local) governments and public organizations through research and advice on reception, housing and integration of asylum seekers and refugees. Get in touch at

Hester Dam is a singing teacher, workshop leader and voice liberation facilitator. After her studies and career in classical singing she decided to dedicate her time to letting other people’s voices and hearts sing too. She coaches people in finding their inner voice and the expression thereof. Get in touch at

Rooted board members

  • Noor Cornelissen (chair)
  • Samar Nafie (secretary)

  • Marte Rozendaal (treasurer)
  • Pinar Okur (member)
  • Cathrien Maas (member)

Rooted partners

De Hoorneboeg is a beautiful location for workshops, retreats and courses on the heather close to Hilversum, the Netherlands. De Hoorneboeg gives pioneers the space and stage to create a world that is more beautiful, healthier, fairer and more in balance with nature. At Rooted, we are proud to partner with De Hoorneboeg in hosting Rooted programming.