We invite you to come home

Rooted supports people with a migratory background in rooting in the Netherlands and mostly, in themselves. At Rooted we believe rooting goes beyond finding a job, learning a language, and joining a community.

Rooting is about living as your authentic self, grounding your memories of the past and dreams for the future in the present moment. It is about learning to dance with your multiple identities and accepting that there is a place for ‘all of you’ in the here and now. At Rooted we provide a safe space, increased consciousness, and concrete tools to be your true and rooted self. We invite you to come home.

“Feeling at home starts in your heart. From there the roots grow between the walls through to the pavement and then across the world. If the seed doesn’t grow in your heart, you are
nowhere at home. Rooted lets that seed sprout to then take root again.”

Rodaan Al Galidi, award-winning author and poet, friend of Rooted