Strengthen our roots

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Your donation to Rooted makes a real difference. Everything we fundraise through donations goes directly to the home-coming of people. We are recognized as a ‘public benefit organization’ and thus have ANBI status in The Netherlands. As a result, you may deduct your donations from income or corporate taxes.

“Rooted is where we come home to ourselves and each other, and discover that our diversity is our strength. It is where our different facets, cultural backgrounds and experiences merge into a beautiful whole, where we feel fully understood and accepted. It is a journey inward, where we find our true selves amidst the diversity that defines us.

Esmah Lahlah, Member of Parliament, ambassador of Rooted


If you would like to help share our story with the world or for any other request, please get in touch with Rooted at or find us on Instagram. Our individual team members also look forward to connecting with you.