Rooted facilitators

Together with founder and facilitator Noor, Rooted programming is led by an interdisciplinary group of professionals that all walk their own path of rooting. 

Babah Tarawally is an activist, author, and journalist. He dedicates his life to understanding the alienation felt by minority groups and gaining rights for racial minorities in particular. He also trains young migrants on building a new home and a new beginning. Babah, originally from Sierra Leone, says “dancing between different cultures has made me an artist”.

Sacha Post is a wilderness guide, facilitator, and philosopher who facilitates wilderness journeys, retreats, and courses that enable an authentic and embodied connection with nature and the wilderness. He aims to inspire people to live deeply rooted, aligned with the cyclical flow of nature.

Wick Lichtveld is co-owner of Veldsterkte, a center for personal development. His activities as trainer and development-coach are based on positive psychology, the principles of Zen and Non-Duality as well as Buddhist psychology. Wick is also a photographer, making portraits of people around the globe.

Hester Dam is a singing teacher, workshop leader and voice liberation facilitator. After her studies and career in classical singing she decided to dedicate her time to letting other people’s voices and hearts sing too. She coaches people in finding their inner voice and the expression thereof.

Charo Duran is a singer, singing teacher, voice liberation facilitator and breathwork coach. As a child of two worlds, with a Bolivian father and a Dutch mother, she is continuously exploring: what does it mean to be home? Through her lived experience and with her expertise of the voice, breath and music, her mission is to create a space where you experience a sense of belonging – in the world and in yourself.

Sandra Nauta- van der Rijst is a systemic coach and NLP practitioner for individuals, teams and organizations. Her aim is to inspire people to find and recognize their roots and make them their strength to build up on. “To know who you are, you may have to return to those roots to retrieve what you have forgotten. With my Surinamese-Dutch roots, I know this journey of discovery.”

Bader Dado is our in-house chef: a professional chef who has a passion for culinary creativity, housed in his Palestinian roots. His soul is deeply rooted in blending flavors and creating dishes that inspire people and leave a lasting impression on their memories. He enjoys working with ingredients from all over the world. During Rooted programming he integrates ingredients from participants’ home countries in his dishes. That’s what home tastes like.

We are always open to exploring collaboration with potential new facilitators. You may reach out to us through the button below.

Rooted board members

We are currently recruiting two additional board members. Please find more information here on how to join our team. We particularly welcome people with lived migration experience. The deadline to apply is 24 May 2024.

Rooted partners

De Hoorneboeg is a beautiful location for workshops, retreats and courses on the heather close to Hilversum, the Netherlands. De Hoorneboeg gives pioneers the space and stage to create a world that is more beautiful, healthier, fairer and more in balance with nature. At Rooted, we are proud to partner with De Hoorneboeg in hosting Rooted programming.

UNHCR – the UN refugee agency has led and coordinated relief efforts around the world to protect refugees and seek solutions to the refugee situation for over 70 years. At Rooted, we partner with UNHCR in giving shape to the annual Rooted festival on 20 June, World Refugee Day, bringing together more than 300 people to explore stories about roots, identities and building a collective home.

Cinetree is a filmplatform with a mission. At Cinetree they believe that films plant seeds. Films can touch us, inspire us and even move us to action. In a world where we are so often at odds with one another, a good film can help us understand the other better. At Rooted, we strongly share this vision and partner with Cinetree, amongst other things for the annual Rooted festival.

Jonge Honden is a consulting firm, supporting organizations to look toward the future and bring about change. At Rooted, we partner with Jonge Honden in developing as a professional organization and specifically giving shape to our story platform and advocacy on the importance of rooting in the integration process.

Refugee Company contributes to an inclusive society through supporting people with a refugee background to become economically self-reliable and in their search for a meaningful life in the Netherlands. Their refugee-led cooking team supports the catering at the annual Rooted festival.

“In the nineties I fled from Sierra Leone to the Netherlands. Since then something has changed in me. I left country A and could never fully return as the person I was back then. Still I also never truly arrived in country B. I find myself in no man’s land. There, I dance between identities.”

Babah Tarawally, author, activist, journalist and facilitator at Rooted