Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions give clarity on what we offer you and what we ask of you to create a setting that promotes a safe, positive and comfortable experience for yourself and other participants.

By signing up for any service we provide, you confirm that you have read and are in agreement with these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are governed by and written in accordance with the Dutch law and will not change unless agreed between you and us in writing. If any matter arises it will be submitted to a Dutch court.

Travel costs

Unless specified otherwise, we ask of everyone to make their own travel arrangements. You are responsible for arranging your travel to and from the event location, including but not limited to all flights, public transport, transfers and other travel arrangements, travel insurance and necessary visas, and for meeting all costs associated with the above, also if you choose to leave the event earlier.

Health and safety

It is important that you read the disclaimer set out in these terms and conditions below. Although we will do everything we can to create a comfortable and safe space for everyone during the event, we would like to share with you a few guidelines which you need to observe. In general, have a healthy respect for your surroundings and be mindful of your own and other’s safety. Always use your common sense, and if something feels not right, inform one of our staff members immediately.

It is your responsibility to inform us well in advance about allergies, medical conditions and/or use of medications or other drugs, so we can ensure you can safely attend the event. We will not store or use this information for any other purpose than the purpose described above. For more information, please review our privacy policy.

Health and travel insurance that covers all medical costs is mandatory to participate in the event and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid health and travel insurance policies to cover you for the duration of the event.

It is your responsibility to inform and provide your emergency contact with the necessary information and insurance documents to assist you in case of a (medical) emergency.

In order to provide a safe and nurturing space for all participants, only participants are allowed on the event location while the event takes place.

Alcohol and drugs are not permitted at any time during the event.

In the case of an unforeseen health issue we will do everything in our power to assist you in getting the necessary medical attention and, if needed, inform your emergency contact.

Cancellations and refunds

If you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances and we receive your cancellation four weeks before the scheduled start of a program, or, in case an event is booked, four weeks before the scheduled start of the event, you will receive a refund minus a €25 administration fee. Less than four weeks before a refund is no longer possible. In case there is a waiting list, it is possible to transfer your booking to someone else. In this case, you’ll receive a refund minus a €25 administration fee.

When we are obliged to cancel the event due to an event of force majeure, meaning any circumstance not within our reasonable control, we will, if feasible, reschedule the event to take place at a later time. In this case, a refund is not possible.


In order to create a safe space for everyone to express themselves freely, please be strictly confidential about private details of other participants, during and after the event. Do not take any photographs or recordings without consent. If you want to take photos or recordings, please ask for permission first and do not share any footage of others without their permission.


We will do everything in our power to make the event a wonderful experience for you. Should you have any complaints, please contact us and we will address your complaint as soon as possible and always within one week.


To create a safe and caring space, we ask that you act at all time in a civil, respectful and non-discriminatory manner towards the other participants and the staff. If we feel that you are acting in breach of this equality policy, we may deny you further access to the event. If you have any concerns about any issues during the event, please speak confidentially to one of our staff members. 


Please note that any equipment or other property that you bring to the event is entirely at your own risk and you will ensure that it is maintained in a safe condition at all times. We will have no liability for any loss of or damage to any of your equipment and/or property. 

Intellectual property

We will own all intellectual property rights in intellectual property created by us in connection with or used as part of the event. You are not permitted to use any intellectual property, including but not limited to our logo, name and other designs, but you may use any materials provided during the event for your own personal, non-commercial use only. 


In agreeing to participate in the event, you expressly and willingly agree to assume complete responsibility for any risk of damage, harm or injury sustained to yourself and/or your property in the course of the event. You understand that the activities undertaken in the event may pose a level of risk and you agree to make us aware of any medical, psychological or physical conditions which may increase the risk of injury. You agree that we will not be liable for any claims, proceedings, actions, damages and any other liabilities whatsoever arising out of or in connection with this agreement or the event, in respect of death or personal injury to any person, or any damage to property, loss, damages, costs or any other claim for compensation. 

It is our promise to do our utmost to create a safe, comfortable and loving space for you where it is possible for you to have a profound experience.

These terms and conditions were last updated in October 2023.